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WP7DropBox library development

This has taken a little longer than I was hoping, but the library should now be in a usable state for many usage scenarios (in theory, all of the dropbox API functions have been implemented, apart from account() but that … Continue reading

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WP7Dropbox library is go!

In my original post on WP7Dropbox, I said I’d be releasing a library for anyone else that wants to integrate Twitter support in their app. That time has come, and you can now download the library (and source code) from … Continue reading

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Something I’m currently working on is a DropBox client for WP7. It integrates with the Pictures hub, and the Music+videos hub, so you can transfer media from DropBox to your device relatively seamlessly, though I’m working on adding the Office … Continue reading

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I’ve already posted this video on WMPU and a few other places, but want to have this site as a central location for all my random ramblings and applications, so here is an early version of my XKCD client for … Continue reading

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Playing around with WMAppManifest.xml

WP7 introduces a new file for applications packages (along with the XAP format). The WMAppManifest or WindowsPhoneManifest depending on whether it’s Silverlight or XNA is used to request permissions, and set up things like icons and the applications name in … Continue reading

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