WP7DropBox library development

This has taken a little longer than I was hoping, but the library should now be in a usable state for many usage scenarios (in theory, all of the dropbox API functions have been implemented, apart from account() but that shouldn’t take long). There may be some bugs and issues, I don’t have time to test everything, but this is a working release

For the purposes of making downloads of files easier to manage, I’m now using a WebClient. filesget() now takes a DownloadProgressChangedEventHandler and OpenReadCompletedEventHandler as parameters, and these need to be handled appropriately (there’s a good example here of how to handle it).

Currently, it’s just the source, I’m uploading a prebuilt package soon.

I’ve also had a few questions about the license, it’s under GPL, but if you have an app that could benefit, and you’d rather not release source code, send me an email at l3v5y[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk, and I’ll probably say yes 🙂


About l3v5y

Student, hacker, news writer and software developer.
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One Response to WP7DropBox library development

  1. Francis says:

    Hello Sir,

    I really appreciate your work on WP7 dropbox client. I am in the process of building an WP7 app and one of its features is to backup the app data to dropbox, Its not a dropbox app, but I want to use it just to backup and restore data. Your work on WP7 made my task so much easier and many thanks to you for that.

    I am using your code posted in wp7dropbox.codeplex.com with limited sucess. I managed to get the login, file listings to work. I am stuck with file upload. The file download in not working fully, I am only getting the file properties data and not the file itsself while trying to download. Could you please give me some guidence how to get these two work?

    Many thanks

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