Something I’m currently working on is a DropBox client for WP7.IMG_2052

It integrates with the Pictures hub, and the Music+videos hub, so you can transfer media from DropBox to your device relatively seamlessly, though I’m working on adding the Office hub as well.

I’ll also be releasing a library+source code (that gets around the fact that WP7 doesn’t support synchronous web requests for some unknown reason), so you can integrate DropBox with any application you want.

There’s a bunch of pictures below.

Any feature requests?


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28 Responses to WP7DropBox

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  3. 1800PocketPC says:

    that is fantastic mate

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  13. shekhar says:

    great post !!! keep sharing… 🙂

  14. ncharlt says:


    I’m relatively new to dropbox (and, obviously, WP7). I’ve used dropbox on the iphone and it has always seemed clunky. I really want to be able to stream photos, videos and mp3s (not download) and to do it using the standard operating system players. Like I said, dropbox on the iPhone is just plain ineffective and ugly. Does your app plan this sort of seamless streaming from dropbox or have I got the wrong idea?


  15. Shawn Oster says:

    Awesome to see you working on this! Let me know if you hit any snags or have any feedback on working with Silverlight on Windows Phone. I’m the program manager for SL on WP and love to get developer feedback and know what we can improve on in the future.

  16. Bryan says:

    I’m really interested in that library. I’m in the very beginning phases of porting an app targeting my fellow ham radio operators from Windows Mobile to wp7. To be useful it’ll need to be able to save a specially formatted text file to a location where the user can get at it from their computer be it PC, Mac, or whatever. The ability to upload it to dropbox, or skydrive, would be a reasonable method since it would then be accessible from most any reasonably modern device that can browse the web. I really can’t justify the expense of providing users of the app cloud storage as the user base will be too small to even be able to recoup the costs associated with getting a dev membership so I can deploy it to my own phone, much less cover the costs of provisioning cloud storage. This app will be more of a labor of love for my ham radio hobby than a revenue generator.

    • l3v5y says:

      When I’ve got a fully working library (should be soon) I’ll drop you an email. I don’t want to make money out of this library, I just want to make sure it’s not abused.

      Sorry for the late reply BTW, been rather busy…

  17. Gamer says:

    is this shipping soon? If not, I was thinking about writing something similar.

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  19. Jim Chapman says:

    I’d be very interested in integrating my ebook reader app (Freda) with DropBox, using your code. Right now, there is a slightly clunky way of getting ebooks off DropBox onto a WP7 phone running Freda (it involves generating an OPDS catalog using a program called Calibre2opds), and I am about to release an improved version of Freda that also allows you to use an in-app WebBrowser to download books from any site (including DropBox). But none of these approaches handle script/cookie-based authentication at all well – so if you’re producing a library to wrap up DropBox access, that would be really brilliant. And if you want someone to help out with a bit of testing/debugging, I’d be happy to volunteer!

    As a future feature request (cheeky of me, I know) … how about SkyDrive integration?

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  21. Sebastian says:

    it would be great when anyone cann integrade this in a KeePass App, so we can sync a KeePass Database between Desktop and Device. Maybe editing the database on the device is possible with this. would be great…

  22. Marek says:

    Do you support displaying of (Office) files while offline? WP7 seems to have this strange limitation that files can be displayed only via a URL in the web browser.

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